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In The Sonarian Sitdown, the Campus Sonar team offer bits and tips about social listening, marketing, and higher education. Each week we'll introduce a new vlog designed to help you achieve outcomes on your campus. Have an idea for a vlog topic? Email

Social Listening

Social listening should be an integreal part of your campus strategy. Campus Sonar CEO Liz Gross explains what it is, how to use it, and how it can drive results on your campus.

Once you've watched the vlogs, we explain more about Social Listening in Higher Education and how you can use it to create a strategy to align with your campus goals.

What Is Strategic Social Listening?

Social Listening Is Modern Marketing 

Strategic Social Listening

How Social Listening Works


Crisis Management

Understand how to use social listening to manage a crisis by listening to Liz Gross and other Sonarians. Then check out our blog posts and case studies.

Once you've watched the vlogs, we provide more on Campus Crisis Management and how creating a crisis response strategy can mitigate brand impact.

Crisis Social Listening Metrics


5 Questions to Answer in a Crisis

Brand Management

One of the keys to moving your institution forward is understanding how your brand is perceived and how your brand impacts campus strategy. Read our brand management blogs and case studies, then watch for brand management vlogs from expert Liz Gross.

Once you've watched the vlogs, learn more about Campus Reputation Management and how social listening can help you develop a reputation management strategy.

Brand Management Metrics

Influencer Marketing

Higher education is embracing influencer marketing. Watch the vlogs on using it on your campus, then check out our blog posts on influencers.

Once you've watched the vlogs, learn more about how to use Influencer Marketing in Higher Education

The Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Identify Influencers

About Campus Sonar

Campus Sonar is your strategic partner—learn how we work in vlogs from Liz, our Account Executive, Strategist, and other Sonarians. 

We Can Help 

unique-valuesAcheive Strategic Outcomes on Your Campus

Now that you've seen what social listening can do for your campus, let us help you implement a program. We offer flexible, project-based services for short-term needs or ongoing partnership services for lasting value. Be on the forefront of your industry—contact us today! 

Some of our services include: 

  • Audience Intelligence
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Issue Monitoring
  • Annual Strategic Partnership
  • Engagement Opportunity Alert
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