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3-Year Overview of Online Conversation

The 3-Year Conversation Trends is a low-cost, introductory project. It provides an overview of the last three years of social listening and a detailed analysis for your campus or institution that covers your online conversations, influencers, share of voice, and more.

This analysis is helpful if you want to understand recent historical online conversation before you commit to ongoing social listening or perhaps you need to accurately represent the online conversation to senior leadership or your board, but you don't have social listening in place. Or maybe you want to understand public perception to inform future brand research or media relations strategy. The 3-Year Conversation Trends service provides valuable answers to all of these campus needs.

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The trend analysis covers: 
  • A brand audit that encompasses sentiment, volume, etc.
  • Three years of conversation analysis from more than 80 million online sources and includes conversation volume, conversation topics, authors and influencers, popular hashtags, news, blogs, and forums.
  • An executive summary of strategic insights and opportunities for additional analysis.
  • strategic roadmap with suggestions to respond and contribute to online conversation, and insights you can use to impact campus strategy.

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The report is based on research from your analyst that includes:

  • A search query to identify campus conversation based on a questionnaire and 30-minute scoping call.
  • Data validation and cleaning to ensure at least 90% of mentions are relevant.
  • Conversation analysis that relates to your specific goals.

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The final report includes a presentation from your strategist.

  • A one-hour live online briefing within 10 business days of report delivery.
  • A discussion of the findings and opportunities to inform and impact campus strategy.

Campus Sonar has been a tremendous help, in terms of engagement, organic branding, and the future of our brand. This is something I think we knew we needed before anyone actually knew what it was. We didn't know it was out there, but we knew we needed it.

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Ashley Rains Spring Hill College

The trend analysis is a good offer for clients—there's good data. When Campus Sonar filtered out athletics and set up the Brandwatch dashboard with parameters and search queries, I found there was a lot I was missing. A deep dive and "white-glove service" make Campus Sonar unique.

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Associate Director of Marketing Loyola Marymount University


3-Year Conversation Trend Pricing

Pricing is based on the size of your campus conversation and the complexity of the query we need to write to identify relevant conversations. 
We can provide a customized pricing quote within three business days.

Estimated Pricing Based on Enrollment

Under 5,000 Students


5,001 to 20,000 Students


Over 20,000 Students


The Anatomy of a Snapshot provides more detail about the Free Social Listening Snapshot, the 3-Year Conversation Trends service, and what you might learn about your campus. 

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