What Is Your Audience Saying?

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Analyze the online conversation of a group of people with similar characteristics (e.g., prospective students, alumni, community members) who are talking about a similar topic. We work with you to identify research questions, collect online conversation data (historical or in real-time) from places like message boards, blogs, Twitter, and Instagram, analyze it in the same way you would conduct a focus group or interviews, and report findings and actionable strategic insights. For example, you may be looking to:

  • Determine what prospective graduate students are saying about programs that cater to working adults.
  • Determine how high school students are talking about the college search in a specific geographic area or for a specific program.
  • Understand how your young alumni talk about their career, college experience, and philanthropy.
  • Understand what is trending in current student conversation to inform on-campus programming and communication efforts.
  • Learn what knowledge gaps exist in emerging careers in order to design relevant, high-academic programs and employer partnerships.

Audience research is often performed based on insights Campus Sonar analysts uncover with the 3-Year Conversation Trends. This research is a deeper dive into your online conversation. Audience intelligence is also performed as part of our Annual Strategic Partnership and it can be used to support traditional market research.

Whether you're performing audience intelligence research alone or with an agency, partnering with Campus Sonar will help you dig deeper into your online conversation data. When we performed audience intelligence research for one of our partner schools, Spring Hill College, we uncovered that their audience was already talking about their brand—they just needed to formalize it. Read more in Building the Family Brand at Spring Hill College.


Audience Intelligence Pricing


This service is a good alternative for campuses who don't have the resources to perform traditional market research, such as focus groups, interviews, and surveys, to understand their audience. Our pricing is based on:
  • The size of the audience you want to research 
  • The research required to assemble the audience
  • Your research questions
  • The time period and whether we're using historical or real-time data
  • Please contact us for a quote.

We want to help you find insights and take action on your campus. Contact us for more information on how we can partner!