Brand Research & Analysis

Brand reputation is everything. Our insights give you greater control over your brand and data to support your campus branding strategies and initiatives.

Social Media Audit →

A comprehensive catalog of your campus’s public-facing social presence from your owned accounts to any other accounts associated with your campus that use your name, logo, or mascot. 

Crisis & Event Monitoring →

24/7 monitoring and reporting gives you a timely, objective, and quantified view of a critical situation so you can focus on informed, contextualized crisis response.

Targeted Analysis

Highly customized targeted research that answers the most critical questions you have about your campus. Is our brand messaging resonating? How are our current brand pillars performing? Is our new program or initiative succeeding? What fundraising messages will resonate with donors? 

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Social listening is more than just social monitoring. And we’re more than just software. Let’s solve your challenges and curiosities—together.

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