Competitive Analysis

Compete More Successfully

We research and analyze your key competitors, uncovering your campus’s strengths and finding opportunities to refine your positioning and strategy so you can successfully compete.

Understanding your competition helps you use messaging and positioning to your best advantage. With a sound knowledge of key differentiators, you can align resources toward attracting students who are the best fit and develop programs to differentiate your campus from the competitive field.

This service is great for marketing, communications, and enrollment marketing teams who want to understand their campus’s position relative to their peer institutions as well as how their competitors attract, enroll, and retain students—and how their own strategy stacks up. It’s also great for new leadership who need to get a lay of the land for their campus beyond conjecture.

Assessing the Competition

Industry Overview

Learn how much conversation there is around your competitors and get a breakdown of what that conversation looks like, such as overall volume, sentiment of mentions about those institutions, and top topics and hashtags used in relation to those institutions.


Competitor Assessments

Find out how your campus’s online conversation compares to the institutions in your competitive sphere through a variety of metrics customizable to what you want to focus on for the most relevant insights. 

Learn if there are areas in which competing institutions are stronger or weaker, or if your campus has opportunities to identify a new competitive edge you can work into your goals and strategies.

What You Get

You want to know how your campus compares to peers, so you can craft competitive strategies. Our customized research provides you with:

  • A detailed report that compares your online conversation volume, sentiment, owned/earned breakdown, and more, to that of your top competitors.
  • Analysis of areas your campus can differentiate itself from peers, and strengths it can lean into. 
  • An understanding of competitors’ relative strengths and differentiators, so you understand what your prospective students are evaluating.
  • An online briefing from your dedicated Campus Sonar Strategist detailing findings and opportunities to impact campus strategy.

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Competitive Analysis




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