How It Works

If you're looking to get your feet wet with social listening, the Social Listening Snapshot is a great first step. We'll have you answer some questions that help our analysts do their thing. They'll look at a year of online conversation about your campus by searching a complete archive of more than 80 million sources (blogs, news sites, forums, social media, and a representative sample of Twitter mentions) and compile it in a digital report. Then we'll walk you through it! We give you an overview of your conversation as a whole—as well as key insights to help you understand the data and the power of what you can actually do with it. Here's a peek into the sort of information we cover.

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A month-by-month count of online mentions we find about your campus during the snapshot period. Volume can show how you compare to like-sized institutions and identify notable lulls or spikes and what likely caused them.

Thought bubble showing the snapshot includes owned and earned conversation

Owned vs. Earned

We categorize mentions from your conversation as owned or earned. Owned mentions are content you create. Earned mentions are content that was created about your campus and is not managed by you.

 Person icon indicating that the snapshot identifies authors and influencers

Authors and Influencers

We identify the five most active and influential people in your Twitter conversation, and provide insights for developing a communication plan and harnessing engagement so you can better promote your campus.

A Bit About Insights

Okay, so we say we'll give you insights and no doubt you've heard that before. What does that actually mean? We're glad you asked.

  • Strategic insight call-outs. We call out specific insights from your data that can impact things like your marketing, communication, enrollment management, or alumni development strategies. We use our understanding of higher education and what you're looking to get out of social listening to identify the tidbits we find in your data that we know will be relevant to you. It might be something you can act on immediately or an idea you want to explore further. For example, maybe a much more significant portion of your online conversation is related to athletics than you expect; this might influence how much you bring athletics stories and successes into your marketing strategies.
  • Opportunities for additional analysis. We identify specific areas where our team can conduct additional analysis to help you better understand the conversation that’s happening about your campus. These are often related to strategic insights we note that would make sense to dig into further or may be a situation where we know additional analysis could provide you ongoing opportunities to engage with your audiences.
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Snapshot Pricing


If you sign a contract with Campus Sonar within six months, the $1,000 will be applied to your project fee as a credit.