Create a Stronger Online Presence

Understanding your online presence is the first step to managing your online reputation. You need to know what's online so you can better understand the scope of the accounts and content that is produced using your school name. If you aren't sure of the scope of your social media presence—both official and unofficial—your institution may be open to unnecessary risk in the form of reputational harm.

Report, videos, documents, diagrams flowing into a computer screen indicate that an audit includes what is said about you online anywhere

Campus Sonar can conduct a social media account audit to understand how your campus is represented on social media. A thorough audit is the foundation of an informed social media strategy and effective social media policies. An account audit includes the online content accounts you provide and additional research on 10 social media platforms to find any other accounts associated with your university that use your name, logo, or mascot. Auditing your accounts will help you:

  • Identify all of the active and inactive branded and non-branded social media accounts.
  • Identify duplicated efforts to help your campus identify which accounts to keep, deactivate, or merge.
  • Provide recommendations for managing your online strategy and moving it forward.
  • Help you understand the scope of the content that's produced with your institution's name.

Social Media Account Audit Pricing


  • Based on campus size and whether or not you have an existing social media directory.
  • Please contact us for a quote.

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