Recent Speaking Engagements

AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education

  • The Latest Innovation in Brand Research: Social Listening | Presented by Liz Gross

Carnegie Dartlet

  • Data-Driven Tips to Improve Your Digital Strategy: Insights from Campus Sonar's Latest Research | Presented by Liz Gross

CASE District IV

  • How Social Listening Drives Communication Strategy | Presented by Liz Gross


  • What We've Learned from Analyzing over 7 Million COVID-19 Conversations | Presented by Liz Gross and Steve App


  • The Enrollment Marketer's Guide to Reddit | Presented by Steve App

eduWeb 2020

  • What We've Learned from Analyzing 125,000 Online Conversations from Prospective and Admitted College Students| Presented by Rebecca Stapley and Sam Peebles, Nazareth College

Emma U

  • Using Social Listening to Improve Your Email Marketing| Presented by Liz Gross and Steve App

Funnelback User Conference

  • Social Listening: A Different Type of Search | Presented by Liz Gross

HighEdWeb 2020

  • 5 Essential Documents for a Strategic Social Media Program| Presented by Liz Gross

MICU Forums

  • Marketing and Communications Keynote: Using Social Listening to Enhance Your Brand and Uncover Opportunities for Growth | Presented by Liz Gross
  • Enrollment Management Keynote: How Social Listening Informs Modern Enrollment Strategies | Presented by Liz Gross
  • Legal and Policy Keynote: Social Listening: A Key Component of Modern Reputation Management| Presented by Liz Gross


  • Hidden Voices: Social Listening to Uncover Audience Insights and Boost Advancement | Presented by Amanda Jeppson and Rebecca Stapley