The Power of Social Listening

Social listening is a strategic investment to get closer to your students, audience, and community. Whether you're interested in reputation management, proactive customer service, competitive analysis, or audience research, you need to effectively monitor social media. This means more than keeping up with Twitter and your campus Facebook page and groups. No matter how many staff you have, you can't find all the mentions of your institution across 80 million+ online sources without social listening software and skilled analysts. That's where Campus Sonar comes in.

Listens to Online Conversation

Provides Actionable Insight

Drives Campus Strategy

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We Provide Actionable Insight to Ignite Campus Strategy

We identify your high-priority needs—and our highly-qualified analysts build custom queries and analyze online conversation data to deliver actionable insights and automated alerts.

Your social listening will be prioritized and strategic, and support multiple areas on campus, such as reputation management, brand benchmarking, enrollment services, and market research.


Social Listening Insights

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