Social Listening Topics

The Benefits of Social Listening

Social listening is analyzing online conversation data to deliver actionable insights. Our strategic insights support multiple areas on campus, such as reputation management, brand benchmarking, admissions and enrollment, and market research. Learn more about social listening and how it can benefit your institution.

Social Listening in Higher Education

Understand what social listening is, the types of social listening, the benefits, and specific higher ed outcomes, along with an example of social listening at work.

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Social Listening Basics

Gain a better understanding of what social listening is and why you should do it on your campus. You'll even find some free tools to get started.

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Social Listening for Social Justice

Deepen your understanding of your community—particularly those whose voices are marginalized or are underrepresented.

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Comprehensive Social Listening

Better understand your baseline conversation with ongoing analysis that establishes benchmarks and spots trends over time.

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Customized Social Listening

Use rich sources of data to find answers to critical campus questions so you can make data-informed decisions on key priorities for your campus.

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Campus Crisis Management

Know when a crisis is on the horizon so you can monitor the issue in real-time, ensure campus safety, and mitigate brand impact. 

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Industry Insights and Benchmarks

Analyze your campus's online conversation behavior against a comparable sample using metrics that matter.

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