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Social listening is analyzing online conversation data to deliver actionable insights. Our strategic insights support multiple areas on campus, such as reputation management, brand benchmarking, admissions and enrollment, and market research. Learn more about social listening and how it can benefit your institution.

Ear icon, listeningSocial Listening in Higher Education

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Understand what social listening is, how data-informed marketing provides actionable insights, potential outcomes of social listening, and why it's a strategic investment. 

Conversation bubblesStudent

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Responding to students is key to converting inquiries to applications and engagements to donations. Social listening can help you engage prospective students to increase your yield or nurture relationships with engaged students who become engaged alumni. 

School iconCampus Reputation Management

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In higher education, your reputation is in the hands of the general public. It's your job to understand what the public says about you, and align your content with strategic goals to inform public perception. 

Megaphone and computer monitorInfluencer Marketing in Higher Education

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Influencers can drive your brand's message to a larger market. They're people with the potential to influence attitudes and behaviors tied to key enrollment, fundraising, and branding outcomes, allowing you to harness the power of peer influence for strategic impact. 

Ringing bellCampus Crisis

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Having a crisis plan in place ensures you're ready when a crisis rises to the surface. Social listening can help you know when a crisis is brewing so you can monitor the issue in real-time, ensure campus safety, and mitigate brand impact. 

Magnifying glass searching data pointsAudience Research and Conversation Analysis

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Understanding your audience allows you to be impactful in everything your do—from outreach to marketing. Social listening is a proven research and analysis method that allows you to achieve faster insights and empowers you to develop data-informed strategies.