Upcoming Events

2024 Events

Roundtable Discussion: Differentiating Our Institutions

What's Holding Us Back?

Host Alastair Hayes, Marketing Director


  • Suzan Brinker, Co-founder & CEO of Viv Education, LLC and Fractional CMO at Assumption University
  • Nicole Szymczak, Senior Director of Communications and Marketing for MSU Health Sciences
  • Rob Zinkan, Vice President for Marketing Leadership at RHB

Past Events

Webinar: Navigating Change

Social Insights for Organizational Progress


  • Liz Gross, Founder and CEO

Webinar: From Reputation to Recognition

Leveraging Admissions Audience Insights for Stronger Branding


  • Alastair Hayes, Marketing Director
  • Katlin Swisher, Senior Strategist

Webinar: Cliff Jumping: Higher Ed's Best Chance for Survival


  • Liz Gross, Founder and CEO, Campus Sonar


  • Miles Davis, President, Linfield University
  • Matthew Gann, Associate Vice Chancellor for Marketing, Digital Strategy, and Public Relations, Tennessee Board of Regents
  • Teresa Valerio Parrot, Principal, TVP Communications
  • DJ Pepito, Senior Director of Research and Innovation, Society for College and University Planning

Webinar: Beyond Higher Ed Trends

Prioritizing Relationships Over Algorithms


  • Rebecca Stapley, Marketing Manager
  • Katlin Swisher, Senior Strategist
  • Agassy Rodriguez, Social Media Data Analyst

Webinar: Audience-Centric Strategies to Differentiate Your Brand


  • Liz Gross, Founder and CEO, Campus Sonar
  • Rebecca Stapley, Marketing Manager, Campus Sonar



Panel: How Leaders Can Increase Institutional Advocacy


  • Rebecca Stapley, Marketing Manager, Campus Sonar


  • Dr. Josie Ahlquist, Digital Leadership & Engagement Consultant
  • William Broussard, Vice Chancellor of University Advancement, UW Stevens Point
  • Gabriel Welsch, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Duquesne University