Social Intelligence Research

Rebuilding Public Trust in Higher Education: A Social Intelligence Report

Trust and confidence in higher education have been declining for years. We set out to understand the general perceptions of the value of higher education, why it's declined, and identify paths to rebuilding trust in higher education's ability to increase social mobility and have a positive impact on society.

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Bridging the Gap: Navigating Graduate Enrollment Challenges with Social Intelligence Insights

We partnered with NAGAP to better understand the graduate enrollment process and help campuses navigate the changing landscape to develop successful programs.

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Fundamentals of  Social Media Strategy

Everything you need to know to about a higher ed social media program, including best practices, strategy, and research.

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The Higher Ed Social Listening Handbook

Your guide for implementing social listening strategy, including why social listening matters, how to use it, and more.

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Trends and Beyond: A Guide for Higher Ed Leaders and Innovators

Discover how to understand your audience better, craft messaging that resonates with them, and position your institution to get noticed in all the right ways. 

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From Reputation to Recognition: Leveraging Admissions Audience Insights for Stronger Branding

Strategic insights you can take action on to meet your audience-specific needs and guide your institution's future success and brand health.

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6 Ways to Elevate Brand Affinity through Alumni Stories

Leverage alumni stories to generate positive affinity for your brand and build connections with your alumni and students.

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Exploring Multi-Year Trends in Higher Ed Conversation

Trends from three years of conversation analysis, and key takeaways and opportunities that put space between you and your competitors.

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Engagement Matters Now More Than Ever

Why it's important to engage with your audience, along with actionable and approachable strategies for engaging with your audience.

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Guide to Presidential Social Media Strategy

Actionable takeaways to help determine if your president should be on social media and high impact practices to support their online presence. 

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Playbook: How Athletics Drives Brand Value

Insights into how athletics drives conversation, and data and takeaways to leverage the opportunity and create a cohesive brand strategy.

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