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We're Not a Software Company

Campu Sonar Team—Amber, Liz, Steve, and BriCampus Sonar’s mission is to empower colleges and universities to find and analyze conversations that matter, seize engagement opportunities, and develop data-informed strategies. Our vision is for higher education to build authentic relationships and achieve strategic outcomes by leveraging social intelligence.

We’re a service for campuses that see the strategic value in social listening but lack the time, money, and expertise to implement a social listening program on their own. We leap a lot of the hurdles for you, and avoid the potential problem of investing in software that you struggle to use effectively. But, we're NOT a software company. In fact, you may never have time to even use the software login we provide.

Customized Client Engagements

Our work with clients is extremely customized. Because we’ve hired and trained the best in this field and built efficiencies in our listening and research methodology, we focus our time on building personalized services for our clients.

Committed to Product Innovation

Our clients represent the next generation of higher education administrators and educators. Our commitment to product innovation is demonstrated by our use of best-in-class software; a collaborative atmosphere that encourages exploration and adoption of new analysis techniques; and constant development of new products based on what we learn from our clients and other industry innovators. We continually push the boundaries of social consumer insights research because we expect to be the best and most innovative not only in higher education, but across the entire research industry.

Strategic Partners for Your Team

As your strategic partner, we strive to be a meaningful contributor to your team—as if we were right there on campus with you.  

Campus Sonar is your online eyes and ears

Our Story

Liz Gross, Campus Sonar CEOCampus Sonar is a division of Northstar Education Services, LLC, an affiliate of Ascendium Education Group, an education solutions company that has been a trusted campus partner for 50 years. Beyond our extensive history and expertise in higher education, Ascendium Education Solutions (formerly Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation) has been at the forefront of social listening. Dr. Liz Gross designed a social media program that recognized the importance of online conversations as a source of intelligence, not just as a factor in follower count or engagement rate.

The inspiration for Campus Sonar came after years of speaking and writing about the strategic impact social listening can have on colleges and universities. It became clear that social listening was a difficult program for campuses to implement on their own. After a lot of research and planning, Ascendium Education Solutions realized they could help campuses develop their own social listening program. 

Campus Sonar launched in October 2017—and we're still evolving! Want to know more about our story and social listening? Download The Higher Ed Social Listening Handbook.

About Ascendium

Ascendium LogoOur parent company, Ascendium Education Group (formerly Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates), is the nation’s largest federal student loan guarantor, a leading postsecondary education philanthropy and a provider of student success services for postsecondary institutions. Ascendium, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, provides information, tools and counseling to help millions of borrowers nationwide avoid default and keep the door to re-enrollment open. Ascendium’s philanthropic mission is to elevate opportunities and outcomes for learners from low-income backgrounds so they can better achieve postsecondary educational and career success. To learn more, visit ascendiumeducation.org.