STREAM unites social listening research, digestible insights, and a private community of like-minded peers. STREAM stands for Syndicated Trends Research for Enrollment, Advancement, and Marketing. And that’s the heart of what it is. 

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The Benefits of STREAM


Social Listening Insights

As a STREAM member, you’re empowered to make informed, timely decisions based on social listening data with research that addresses core areas like recruitment and yield, reputation and branding, and alumni engagement and fundraising. 

Research releases are timed to align with campus strategic priorities throughout the year. 

Membership also includes access to research insights for highly relevant, niche topics throughout the year. These topics are influenced by current events and feedback from members.


Professional Development

Campus pros are often limited by resources—faced with choosing a single conference or volunteering in exchange for registration. 

STREAM members get the best elements of conferences and professional development.

  • Full reports
  • Blog posts and research briefs
  • Infographics 
  • Webinar series

We break down key parts of our research because we want to transform you into the go-to social listening expert on your team.


An Informed Community

When you become a member of STREAM, you join a community of innovative higher ed professionals. Your membership includes access to a private Slack community to connect with colleagues across the industry. 

You also get access to Office Hours with Sonarians. Approximately once a month these sessions offer a space to dive into a particular aspect of a report or insights specific for your campus. Or collect feedback on your own social listening practices. 

With STREAM, we’re creating a structured community with enough flexibility for you to make the most of it for your needs and goals.

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Purchase Your STREAM Membership

To purchase your membership, choose your plan. If you’re not sure what membership you’re eligible for contact Business Development Manager Steve App. Additionally, if you want to include more than 15 users, contact us for a custom quote .

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For all higher education institutions and non-profit organizations. Includes five users; additional users can be purchased now or at any time in the future at a prorated price.

• 5 additional users for $2,500

• One additional user for $1,000


Small Campus



For higher education institutions with less than 1,500 students (based on total published enrollment).

• Includes one user


Campus Partner



For agencies, vendors, and other for-profit organizations within the higher education community. Includes five users; additional users can be purchased now or at any time in the future at a prorated price.

• Five additional users for $2,500

• One additional user for $1,000