How Listening Can Help Higher Education

All of our publications are free and created by our team and colleagues in higher ed to help the industry understand the power of social listening by sharing real examples of what it is and how to use it.

Fundamentals of  Social Media Strategy

Everything you need to know to about a higher ed social media program, including current updates on everything Liz and the Sonarians have learned since starting Campus Sonar.

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Exploring Multi-Year Trends in Higher Ed Conversation

This playbook zooms out and reviews the ways the pandemic changed or didn't change the conversation about higher ed and what that means for campuses in the short term.

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The Social Listening Cheat Sheet

Try social listening with our analysts' curated list of tips. It's beginner-friendly and complete with some free social listening tool recommendations.

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Social Listening in Higher Ed: The College Admissions Journey

Research and companion guide that examine online conversation of prospective and admitted students to help you evaluate and improve your strategies.

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The Higher Ed Social Listening Handbook: Your Go-to Resource

Your guide for implementing social listening strategy, including what social listening is, why it matters, how to use it, a strategic model, and more.

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Using Social Listening to Reach Campus Goals

Social listening can help you align results with outcomes. Explore some common campus goals and how social listening can help you achieve them.

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Examining the Twitter Influence of Campus Executives

Research that examines the online presence of higher education executives to create or improve your executives' online presence to support campus strategy.

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Using Social Listening for Customer Service

This handout shares eight ways you can use social listening to promote customer service and engage your students by meeting them where they are.

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Best Practices and Resources for Influencer Marketing

This guide explains how influencer marketing can support your strategic goals and best practices for integrating it into your content strategy.

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Brain Waves Newsletter

Monthly information and insights to keep you on the pulse of social listening and higher education so you can develop a strategy and drive results.

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Social Listening in Practice

Explains how to use social listening for your campus goals, outlines our strategic approach, and shows examples applied to specific campus goals.

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2019 Benchmarks for Higher Education

A report with data you can use to define your online conversation, conversation volume, and branded content based on comparable institutions. 

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