Campus Sonar is here to help higher education re-establish the public trust and build authentic relationships. Our mission is to empower colleges and universities to:

  • Find and analyze online conversations that matter to inform day-to-day operations and build and measure strategic campaigns.
  • Seize online engagement opportunities day-to-day that will impact long-term strategic objectives.
  • Develop data-informed strategies aligned with campus objectives.

We can achieve these strategic outcomes by leveraging intelligence we collect through social listening. Do you need help analyzing your current marketing, enrollment, or development efforts? Or are your ready to fully integrate social listening into all of your strategic efforts? Whatever your needs, our strategists provide expert strategic insights from social listening data that supports your institution's goals.

Project-based Services

3-Year Conversation Trends

Review your last three years of social listening and provide a detailed analysis that covers your online conversationsinfluencersshare of voice, and more.

Issue Monitoring

Monitor and analyze strategic issues that occur on campus, as well as crises as the need arises, allowing you to focus on messaging and taking action. 

Audience Intelligence

Analyze the online conversation of a group of people with similar characteristics talking about a similar topic to answer research questions, in the same way you would conduct a focus group or interviews.

Social Media Account Audit

Understand how your campus is represented on social media so you can manage your online reputation and improve your social media strategy.

Competitive Analysis

Evaluate how you compare to your peers and competitors. A competitive analysis helps you identify your strengths and advantages so you better understand your brand presence.

Partnership Services

Annual Strategic Partnership

Design and manage an annual social listening plan to meet your campus goals—complete with queries, dashboards, reports, and alerts. 

Engagement Opportunity Alert

Identify hidden opportunities to engage with your audience in real-time, allowing you can reach out, respond, and convert. 

Social Listening Consulting

Assistance implementing a social listening program, managing a current program, or acting as a sounding board for software, staff  training, and more.

With every one of Campus Sonar's services, you receive unique value.You receive unique value from each one of Campus Sonar's social listening services