Targeted Analysis

Answer Critical Campus Questions

Our highly customized targeted research answers the most critical questions you have about your campus. Is our brand messaging resonating? How are our current brand pillars performing? Is our new program or initiative succeeding? What fundraising messages will resonate with donors? 

Move your institutional priorities forward with the comfort of knowing your efforts are getting the results you need—or whether you need to pivot to maximize your valuable time and resources.

This service is great for marketing, communications, advancement, or enrollment teams undertaking brand research, evaluating or deploying brand or fundraising campaigns, undergoing leadership changes, or experiencing enrollment hardships. It also complements traditional research or creative work performed by an agency working in partnership with a campus team.

Make Data-Informed Decisions on Key Priorities

Targeted analysis research is fully customized to your campus, situation, and answers you want to uncover. Here are several examples of how it can be applied on a campus.

Owned vs. Earned Breakdown

Owned vs earned breakdown example donut chart with owned 13% and earned 87% of the conversation.

Understanding Public Perception

Analyzing your campus’s online conversation tells a story about the public perception of your brand and if it aligns with your brand vision. Consider your owned (what you create) and earned (what’s created about you) conversation as a benchmark of how your brand aligns with your community. Your breakdown might unveil an opportunity to increase owned content to influence and expand organic conversation about your campus.

Evaluating a Brand Refresh or a Specific Campaign

It’s critical to measure your brand’s progression—especially if you’ve recently refreshed your messaging or rolled out a high-profile campaign. Our analysis dives deep into these specific topics so you can evaluate how conversation around them changes over time. For a brand refresh, we measure its effectiveness by looking at your online conversation the year before, the year of, and the year after. This example shows how a campus’s conversation aligned with their brand attributes and it’s sentiment.

Fall Semester: Branded vs. Non-Branded

Fall semester branded vs non-branded conversation example chart.

Fall Semester: Sentiment Breakdown

Fall semester sentiment breakdown by positive, neutral, and negative example chart.

Measuring Resonance of Brand Pillars

Data-informed insights are a crucial part of research to update brand pillars or evaluate or deploy a campaign. We identify metrics to determine if your brand pillars resonate with your audiences. Then we help you find opportunities to let personal stories drive your narrative, share student and alumni stories of academic strengths, or collaborate with current students to offer first-hand experiences. These examples show how we can examine your brand pillars as a whole, each pillar individually, and each pillar over one year.

Owned vs. Earned Pillar Breakdown

Owned vs. earned pillar breakdown example chart.

Brand Pillar Breakdown

Brand pillar breakdown example donut chart showing pillar 1 5%, pillar 2 12%, pillar 3 46%, pillar 4 37%.

Brand Pillar Volume Over Time

Brand pillar volume over time example bar chart.
"We've used enterprise-level social listening software in the past. We found the analysis and insights provided by Campus Sonar Strategists to be much more valuable to us over the last year. Campus Sonar is a force multiplier for our team, whereas social listening software is just a tool. The Campus Sonar team knows how to use their tools to provide actionable insights." Matt Gerien, Chief Communications Officer, Rhodes College

What You Get

The answers to your institution’s critical questions, delivered via: 

  • A bespoke research process and full data analysis that finds the answers to your most critical questions.
  • An executive summary outlining strategic insights and opportunities, with high-level data points to share with campus leadership.
  • Data-informed recommendations and strategies to help you move forward. 
  • A final report and presentation from a Campus Sonar Strategist providing findings and suggested opportunities to refine your strategy.

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Targeted Analysis

Pricing is based on the size of your campus conversation and the complexity of the analysis. Understand the variables that factor into your service price.

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Pricing is based on the size and complexity of your campus conversation.

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